• Ellie McKinney

Meet My Other Half

For this #fridayintroductions I wanted to do a little something different and introduce you to my sweet husband. Growing together means changing together so I thought I’d share some fun facts! 1. We have a 10 month old wild boy and have been together for 10 years in December. A whole decade🤪 2. Our favorite thing to do together is eat. No really.. any restaurant, any food truck, him cooking at home while I talk🙈, anywhere that has food. Where are my other foodies at?! 3. He’s the calm to my crazy while I’m the problem solver to his over analyzer. 4. He’s been the best support system through the process of taking on photography full time. Through every question or doubt, he says “you’ve got this”. For those of you who have the support of another awesome human, take the time to thank them. Supporting your journey is a choice they unselfishly made. How beautiful is it that it’s a choice and they continue to choose you.

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