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Choosing A Wedding Photography Style

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Hey Fiance!

Choosing a photography "style" for your wedding day may not be something you've considered yet. I'd even be willing to bet that most couples don't know how many different wedding photography styles there are.

It can be overwhelming but it doesn't have to be!

You'll find that majority of photographers use different categories to define their work.

I'm here to provide an easy guide to what they mean.


Your traditional photographers focus on classical portraits. They capture the staples of a wedding photo list without hesitation. They pose subjects beautifully in frame while putting importance on the rules of photography. Your images will resemble your parents' and grandparents' photos with a modern twist.


Editorial photographers create edgy/high fashion images. If you want your wedding photographs to look like the cover of Vogue or GQ, this style is for you! You won't find many candids in this style but you can be sure to have eye catching dramatic images.


If you are a lover of creative and atmospheric photos, you've found your match. Fine art photographers simultaneously create art while telling a story. Like art in a gallery, each photo is taken to present itself as artwork. This style typically includes natural light, creative framing, gentle imagery, and photo manipulation techniques.


These photographers stay behind the scenes as to not interrupt the natural flow and interactions of the day. You won't get many posed shots from this style as there is pride in capturing your wedding day as a whole. If you want to not be bothered by posed photos, you can bet that this photography style will match your request.


This means that your photographer is focused on capturing raw emotion. Their technique includes looking for real moments but they also don't hesitate to set the scene. Natural light and outdoor settings are of high importance in this category. If you are an adventurer who doesn't mind a little dirt on your dress and wind in your hair, you will be more than happy with this style.

It's important that you find a style that best represents how you want to remember your wedding day. While I have a strong appreciation for all styles, I am a true lifestyle photographer. I would never miss out on a wonderfully posed photo but my passion lies within those in-between candids. The mix of posed and natural moments makes my heart sing.


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