Reasons to Choose a Lifestyle Newborn Session

February 21, 2018

Your baby is almost here & it's time to think about what kind of session to choose. There are photographers, like myself, who offer both newborn studio and/or lifestyle home sessions.

Here are some reasons why a home session would be right for you!


1. Comfort of Your Own Home

Some newly established families love getting out for a studio visit. For others, that might just not be an option. If the thought of traveling with your new baby is weighing heavy on your mind (or even not recommended), it is a nice relief to think of capturing memories in your own home.


3. Everything You Need

No worries will be had about what to bring or if you've packed enough diapers. All of the preparation and packing can cause stress. When you are relaxed, so is baby! You have everything you need right at your fingertips.


4. Capturing Details

You spent all that time and love on their nursery, let's show it off! Their little room set up is one of the first acts of love when Mamas & Papas get into nesting mode. These photos will help you capture the details for when your baby isn't a.. well.. baby anymore.


2. No Age Restriction

5 to 10 days old makes for the curliest, sleepiest and happiest newborn studio photos. Don't feel crunched on time with a home session. The best part about these sessions is that they can be taken beautifully after that 2 week old window.


5. Easier to Get Other Children or Pets Involved

There is something so special about capturing the new found relationship between siblings and pets. Being at home helps them to share their raw emotion.


6. Tell Your Own Story

My favorite part about lifestyle sessions is that you get to share your unique story. No two sessions look the same. It shows the connection that you and your family share. It's wonderful to have images of baby on their own, but it's even more powerful to capture a father calming his baby as they cry or a mama holding their tiny hand as she rocks them back to sleep.









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Reasons to Choose a Lifestyle Newborn Session

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